Young Women Values - Choice And Accountability

Choice & Accountability
In the parable of the Ten Virgins the Lord speaks of a wedding feast in which ten virgins are invited to wait for the arrival of the newly married couple. Knowing that the wait might stretch into the night each virgin brings a lamp, but only five bring extra oil.

The wait for the Lord stretches longer than anticipated and the five foolish virgins run out of oil. They hurry to the market to buy more, but while they are away the Savior comes and goes in to the feast with the five wise virgins who brought extra oil. When the foolish virgins return from the market they find the door shut and call out to the Lord to open. He replies, ®I know you not.®

The oil represents our preparation to meet the Lord. We become prepared by making good choices. We alone are accountable for our choices. We may choose to follow Jesus and add precious drops of extra oil, or we may choose to spend our time in other more foolish pursuits. Either way, the time will come when the Lord returns and our choices will determine if we go in with the Lord to feast or stand outside the door hearing His words, ®I know you not.®