Socrates Marquez

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Are You Red-Dy For This?

Just as a soloist gears up for a performance accompanied by an orchestra, Sócrates Márquez hones in on his main paint melody, tunes up his palette of color and adds his instruments of texture, depth, rhythm and movement to create a symphony on canvas.

"When working on each painting, I am very passionate. I give it my all; my emotions, my energy! On each painting my goal is to capture those feelings and create with the viewer that same emotional connection.”

"Are You Red-dy for This 1 & 2?" is a diptych canvas set with a combined length of over 53 inches! The works are presented gallery-wrapped which means these stunning contemporary works of art can be displayed with or without a frame. Marquez has been noted as “a star in the making” and you’ll understand why when you experience the size and energy of this dynamic work of art.
From €1382.50

Gray Spark

Guided by a sense of freedom, spontaneity and attention to process, Sócrates creates artworks that do not feel like abstracts painted on a flat surface but instead, as beckoning places one wants to step into. His works visually communicate and evoke the emotional and spiritual from the viewer.

In Gray Spark, Sócrates Márquez’ paint-splatter technique, combined with his unique ability to layer the works with textures, has allowed him to produce a vibrant piece of art that is stimulating and full of life and energy. With this Fine Art Canvas Edition, viewers are invited on a journey of discovery and self-interpretations within the intentional "chaos" of the splatters of paint and other mediums.
From €549.05

Leaving The Blues Behind

Welcome to the big, bold, and beautiful artwork of Sócrates Márquez. The freedom of movement and spontaneous energy come alive through his distinctive and award-winning paint-splatter technique. This dynamic style is far from being a random effort, rather it is a conscious decision allowing Marquez to guide the viewer through a work comprised of various shapes, forms and textures. His paintings are abstract expressionism at its best. Leaving the Blues Behind shines with the qualities that are generating the awards and praise. From its upbeat, double entendre title through to its charismatic use of color, texture and form this is essential Sócrates Márquez.

The Leaving the Blues Behind MuseumEdition® Giclée Canvas is not only the premiere release of Márquez’ work with The Greenwich Workshop, it is also an artist-enhanced canvas. Sócrates will personally be adding a final round of splatter and texture to each of the 20 pieces in this special edition. No two will be same, each becoming a semi-original work of art unto itself.
From €1382.50

So Bubbly,So Happy

Socrates Marquez’ style, an award-winning, paint-splatter expression of freedom of movement and spontaneous energy, makes for an incredible Artist Embellished Canvas. We never expected the impact to be so exciting and so significantly unique. His dynamic style is far from a random effort, rather it is a conscious decision allowing Marquez to guide the viewer through a work comprised of various shapes, forms and textures. His paintings are abstract expressionism at its best.

So Bubbly, So Happy Museum Edition canvases can only be defined as “Mixed Media Multiples". These are not works with a slight touch up or enhancement. Each receives from the artist a full application of his distinctive paint-splatter technique - and the freedom of movement and spontaneous energy pops off the canvas. It is this final layer to the limited edition, Marquez’ original handiwork, that makes each canvas a definitive and distinct original work of art.
From €1382.50


Galaxies and solar systems are often what people say they see in the work of Socrates Marquez. Spheres are planets and splatters trace stars, comets and asteroids. While his art is most often a flowing expression of thought and feeling, Marquez has deliberately hidden two figures, a female profile and a reclining man contemplating the universe in which they live.

Each splatter painting is created with both deliberate and unplanned actions. His movements, the effect of gravity, the distance between his brush and the canvas and the force of his application all come into play in the creation of his painting. Each single drip or splatter speaks more than one may think.

"Stargazers" is not simply a signed and numbered limited edition created by The Greenwich Workshop. Each canvas is a unique and original work of art unto itself, on which Marquez has added a final layer of splatter painting. Your Fine Art Edition of Stargazers is a striking contemporary work of art unlike any other.
From €1382.50

To Make A Long Day Happy

That his work is compared to Jackson Pollock’s is the highest of compliments. Marquez’ abstract expressionist displays of positive energy and warmth take this art form to the next level. Additionally, each of these 20 Mixed Media Limited Edition Canvases is embellished by Socrates himself with new layer of drip painting to make each a unique and original composition of the most recognized form contemporary art.
From €1382.50