Simon Dewey

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Abide With Me

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Fishers Of Men

The call to Simon Peter and Andrew to follow the Savior as fishers of men echoes down through the centuries and applies to us all. Those two faithful brothers left their nets immediately to begin their missions. We, however, need not turn aside from our mortal responsibilities. We can be missionaries in our own homes, in the workplace, and at play. Our Lord bids us to follow him, meaning that we need to look to his example, emulate his attributes, and live his teachings. In so doing, people will be drawn inexorably to us as those in Israel were drawn to the Son of Man. Our light can be a beacon to those seeking the truth, and with the Spirit as our guide we can help bring souls unto Christ. ~ Simon Dewey
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He Lives

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Hear Ye Him

This piece was commissioned for the second book in Gerald Lund’s “The Kingdom and the Crown” series: “Come Unto Me.” Gerald Lund wanted Christ teaching the family. The members of the family Christ is teaching are roughly taken from characters in the book. We have many accounts of Christ teaching the multitudes, but we presume that his teaching also occurred on a more personal basis. As we see Christ in the center of this picture teaching a family, so should we have the teachings of Christ at the center of our families.
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In Humility

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Lead, Kindly Light

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