Nicola Wood

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57 Chevy

"The Sweet, Smooth and Sassy ’57 Chevrolet...” reads an original 1957 Chevrolet ad. “Here’s a car designed to put the sparkle back in driving, a car that gives you that glad-to-be-alive feeling the moment you nudge the throttle!” General Motors made cars about a dream, a myth, a lifestyle. They ushered in the automobile culture because they put the culture into it. The American automobile represents the passage into adulthood symbolized by a drivers’ license, the experience of going fast, defying care and caution—all of that is as true today as back when they were making tail fins. Nicola Wood captures the magic that makes us remember who we are on the road of life, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Check the license plate for the owner’s outlook.
From €470.05

Delahaye In Death Valley

"To me, you can’t just get past the beauty and sensuality of this 1939 Delahaye,” says Nicola Wood. “Originally built for the World’s Fair in New York, the present owner granted me the opportunity to photograph it. Wanting to turn this Delahaye into a major work, the choice of background became an exciting challenge. I decided to drive up to Death Valley with a friend, where we climbed 700 feet up into the untouched, rippling sand dunes. The view at the top was breathtaking, and I knew immediately that I had the perfect backdrop. It was one of the most unforgettable days.”
From €513.50