Nelson Boren

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Nelson studied to be an architect earning a degree from Arizona State University. After practicing for 15 years, during which time he owned a successful firm and won numerous awards, Nelson made the pivotal decision to leave the field in 1980 to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time artist.

Nelson credits his life-long love of both art and math with his dual-career path of architecture and fine art. His mother, a painter herself, was his earliest influence. As a teenager in the “psychedelic ‘60s”, the only art posters his mother allowed Nelson to hang in his bedroom where those he painted himself.

Later, as an architecture student he had time for very few electives. The first one he chose was a watercolor course with a much-admired professor of architecture who Nelson says painted like “magic.” Discouraged by not painting as well as his teacher, he effectively gave up and stayed focused on architecture.

Years later, however, the burning desire to paint returned and he resumed watercolor classes, this time with a higher degree of dedication and more realistic goals. It was during this phase of training when Nelson developed his signature style which he credits most to the principle of “gestalt.”

At the same time Nelson became increasingly disillusioned with architecture and the increasing business demands of owning his firm. Finally, in 1980, he and his wife made the decision to make a major lifestyle change and move their family, including the seven children, to Northern Idaho.

One of Nelson’s goals was to paint full time, however, he knew he would have to sell some works to justify his time. He got his art represented by several Scottsdale galleries by showing his work door-to-door. Within two weeks, two of his paintings sold. Since then, some of the leading galleries in the U.S. have sought to represent his work, recognizing his unique combination of incredible detail and big, bold and graphic images.

Nelson’s work is in collections across the United States including the Whitney Museum of Western Art, Cody, Wyoming, the Coca Cola Company and the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team.
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"She Loves Me...?"

A passel of plucked daisies litter the floor. Could it be they told a poor cowboy what he didn´t want to hear? He’s rounded up more, but most look a tad droopy, almost as if they know they’re bearers of bad news. Still the verdict ain’t in until you decide. Does he stand a chance with her? A Greenwich Workshop fine art giclée presented on watercolor stock with a deckled edge.
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Arizona Eagle

Nelson Boren’s Arizona Eagle is a cowboy’s tribute to his native state. From the stars and stripes on his dusty boots to the finely-detailed bald eagles on his spurs, this cowboy is proud to be an Arizonan.
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Black-Eyed Suzies For You

In the oppressive heat of the Western afternoon, a cowboy has found a bright bunch of “Black-Eyed Suzies” to give to his favorite girl. Nelson Boren’s skillful use of light, shadow and shape combines with his flair for storytelling to make this an afternoon to remember. This beautiful little watercolor print is an affordable way to add a touch of cowboy romance to any den, living room or kitchen.
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Cool Evening

As the sun sets over the prairie, the stifling heat of the day gives way to a cooler, gentler breeze.The cows low quietly as they settle in for the evening and their guardian takes a minute to enjoy the fruits of a day’s hard work.This perfect moment is lovingly captured by artist Nelson Boren and beautifully reproduced on Hahnemühle German etching paper, deckled on all sides.
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Cowboy Fishin´ Boots

In the dusty, sun-baked lands of the West, water is scarce and large bodies of water are even scarcer. The harsh rays of the sun drain the color from the landscape, drying up vegetation and inhabitants alike—but one cowboy will not surrender. He leans casually against a doorframe, showing off the vibrant blue water and leaping yellow fish on his Cowboy Fishin’ Boots. Artist Nelson Boren’s portraits of cowboys take their inspiration from the sweeping landscapes of the West and then hone in on the little details that comprise a cowboy’s life. His detailed studies of the trappings of the trade impart a romance and a gentle humor to what is commonly depicted as a hard and lonely existence.
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Cowboy Romance

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