Marsha Lehmann

North Dakota artist Marsha Njos Lehmann works mostly in oil paints. Her paintings are primarily scenes of ranch life, wildlife and the rugged terrain of the badlands and prairies where she and her husband Rob raise angus cattle.

Lehmann¹s cameras show years of wear from traveling everywhere with the artist. She has documented recent changes in the rural areas where she was raised and strives to capture the beauty of her favorite places on earth: the sagebrush-covered, blue-green pastures and badlands.

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I Wanna Be Like You

“What caught my attention about this scene was the compassion between the two figures,” says Marsha Lehmann, “Daddy¹s gentle hand just barely holding on, but balancing, with patience in his steps so small and the little buckaroo with head held high, ready to take on anything in life with the confidence gained from a father¹s hands. I titled this piece I Wanna Be Like You. At first glance it seems obvious that the little one wants to be like Dad, but sometimes as adults we long for our childhood faith.”
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