Luke Frazier

Born in Provo, Utah, and raised in the Salt Lake City area, Luke spent countless hours sketching and sculpting wildlife during his childhood. He studied engineering at Dixie College before pursuing art at Utah State University—where he earned a bachelor’s degree in painting and then a master’s degree in illustration. But even before he graduated, he was exploring the world of professional fine art. Frazier won his first art competition as a college freshman and then claimed the Grand Prize Sweepstakes at the 1991 Alpine Arts Festival.

On an impulsive trip to New York, the twenty-one year-old Frazier secured illustration work at three of the industry’s top publications: Reader’s Digest, Field & Stream and Alaska magazines. With that encouragement, Frazier moved ahead with enthusiasm. Since then, Frazier’s first one-man exhibition sold out on opening night, he has had more than a dozen pieces chosen for the prestigious Arts for the Parks annual Top 100 (three picked the very first year he entered the competition) and he went on to win the National Parks Wildlife Award in 1994, 1996 and 1997.

When he isn’t spending eight hours a day, five days a week oil painting, experimenting with acrylics, etching or sculpting in his studio, Frazier takes great pleasure in painting on location, traveling, exploring, fly fishing, hiking and doing field studies. “My paintings are meant to create a mood, evoke an emotion, tell a story or ask a question,” he says. “Experiencing the outdoors and having a chance to see these elusive creatures is amazing and I want to share that with others. When you see one of my paintings and feel like you’ve been there and witnessed what I’m depicting, I will have succeeded.”

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Bows On The String

Thoreau had Walden Pond. Luke Frazier has String Lake. He goes to this jewel of the Grand Tetons when he’s in a contemplative mood—or itching to fish for rainbow trout (thus the title Bows on the String). We find Luke’s style reminiscent of Winslow Homer: the sense of natural light, the idyllic moment and dare we say it?—that hat, which looks like it was whisked off the head of one of the farmer boys in Snap the Whip.

Call Of The Sea

Continuing the Greenwich Workshop tradition of delivering the finest, most award-winning art from today’s most sought-after artists, it is with great pride that we present Luke Frazier’s Call of the Sea. The original painting, which was inspired by the artist’s travel across Alaska and Canada, exceeded its expected sale price at the 2008 Coeur d’Alene Art Auction by over $15,000. Frazier, whose work was recently described as “an exotic combination of Kuhn’s modernism and the classic palette of the academicians” by National Museum of Wildlife Art cofounder Bill Kerr, looms large among living wildlife artists.

When you purchase a Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Limited Edition, you know you’re getting the art that compliments the very essence of your home, your lifestyle and your interests. For essential wildlife art, look no further than Luke Frazier, the Greenwich Workshop and Call of the Sea.
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Constant Traveler

"Experiencing the outdoors and having a chance to see these elusive creatures in the wild is breathtaking. I try to capture them in their moments of repose, regalness, and at times when they´re physically at their best. When you view one of my paintings and feel like you´ve witnessed it yourself, I will have succeeded in sharing with you what I love most: the grandeur of nature."
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Pay Dirt

"Experiencing the outdoors and having a chance to see these elusive creatures is amazing, and I want to share that with others. When you see one of my paintings and feel that you´ve witnessed something exciting, I will have succeeded. That is what is so great about textured canvas: the communication has even more impact because it is essentially like the original painting."
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Search For Oneself

Melancholy can be sweet...solitude far from lonely. Luke explains it this way: "Plenty of times I’ve driven down to the riverbank, loaded a canoe with my rod, net and creel and started paddling upstream, only to realize I’m not there to fish at all. I’m there because I need to be alone, need time to reflect on my life, and thank the Lord for what I have. When I come home, my creel may still be empty...but my soul is always filled."
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Slack Water Brookies

Luke Frazier’s premier giclée canvas. Each highlighted with the artist’s original brushstrokes…each a virtual original! “Shall I go to heaven or go a-fishing...” contemplated Thoreau. Slip into a quiet river reverie with Slack Water Brookies, Frazier’s most recent example of what we call “Sporting Art.” This genre pays tribute to fishing as both a recreational activity and a state of mind. With a subtle but beautiful palette and delicate rendering of natural light, the artist captures a pure, idyllic moment—one to savor a lifetime. Please note that this exceptional image is being offered in a very limited edition; we urge you to reserve your canvas without delay.
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