June Carey

Born in Takoma, Maryland, June enjoyed many hours with her family visiting The Smithsonian and The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. In 1984 she began painting full-time. As a self-taught artist she says "I just learned everything the hard way."

June has recieved numerous awards for her California landscapes and coastal scenes, including the Arts for the Parks Region II Award in 1997 and 1998.

Like many Californians, June started out on the East Coast. As a teenager, she came to California. In the 1980s Carey found herself painting desert scenes and became known for this, and participating in a lot of Western art shows and competitions. Then she met her husband David Thimgan, a historical Marine artist. The two began to enjoy frequent trips to the beautiful northern California coast together and before long June began painting vineyards as well as water.

June is a Fellow in the American Society of Marine Artists and an Artist Member of the Californian Art Club.
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A Taste Of Heaven

June Carey presents us with yet another of the country’s fabled wine regions. The Russian River Valley was settled in the early 1800s by Russian winegrowers who had found their new home along the Northern California coast. The character and soul of the valley’s wine flows from the land and its generations of tender cultivation. A late afternoon’s walk through the vineyard, where special days are toasted with a glass of fine wine, speaks of a place abundant in the simple pleasures of life.
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Above Florence

Few artists can depict the larger-than-life romance of Italy with the passion of June Carey. In her latest offering, Above Florence, we visit the beautiful hills of Impruneta, the Tuscan town located between the valleys of the Greve and the Ema streams, south of Florence. Known as “in pineta” (within the pine woods), Impruneta’s pine forests can still be seen among the olive groves on the surrounding hills. Florence, the unspoiled and fascinating birthplace of the Renaissance, lies in the distance. Above Florence is the fifth in June Carey’s “Dona di Natura” series, which explores Italy’s fabled wine country. Others in this series, including Lost in a View and Chianti Estate, are sold out at publisher. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover Italy’s beauty and hidden treasures.
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Above Slide Ranch

“The sweeping hills that roll down into the ocean along this section of the coast are so special,” June Carey says. “I was struck by the unique beauty of this untamed shoreline, which in the spring, reminds me of the green coasts of the British Isles.” Slide Ranch is located in beautiful Marin County, just a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Once home to the Miwok Indians, today the ranch has been preserved as a national park.
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Alexander Valley Winery

June Carey’s first love is the nurtured beauty of the earth. “I’m deeply affected by the terrain that flourishes under human care, where cultivation results in harmony between humanity and the land,” June says. Alexander Valley Winery’s reputation for exceptional grapes is considered among the best in California. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer from Alexander Valley have each earned reputations for their distinctive regional character.
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Amalfi Coast

Bask in the warmth of a Mediterranean summer's day along Italy's Amalfi coast. High above coast sits the town of Ravello. An ancient path winds down from the heights to the town of Minori below.

"When I took this path, I felt like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole" tells June Carey. "I would follow along this broken stone wall, where it winds down underneath the flying buttresses on the side of the church and down past gardens and vineyards towards the sea. The village of Minori which is there at sea level out of sight in the cove. With the thousands of years of cultivating the land, you can’t tell where a terrace ends and a foundation begins."
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Basking Eucalyptus

Between California’s wine country and the sea, roads wind over and through the coastal mountain ranges and farm country. Pungent stands of eucalyptus border these pastoral by-ways, marking boundaries and serving as windbreaks for local ranchers. This classic landscape from June Carey captures the dream of California living in the warm-glow of the late day sun.

The eucalyptus tree was first imported from Australia during the 1800s. They thrive on the combination of moist fog and warm sunshine so common in wine country. There are over 550 species of the ubiquitous tree with the Red Gum and Blue Gum being the most populous in the state.

June Carey’s other California landscapes "Eucalyptus Coast" and "Above Slide Ranch" have long since become Sold Out editions. With only 50 avail-able, "Basking Eucalyptus" will certainly be available only for a limited time. Be sure to order yours today.
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