John Bye

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Bella And Butterfly

Just another lazy day in the meadow, contemplating the butterfly.
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Catch Of The Day

“As a child I loved magic. Through it, you learn there are big differences between people observing something their brain has determined they will see, as opposed to what their eyes actually see. My art takes advantage that,” relates John Bye. “I paint photo-realistically because I am fascinated with technical aspects and the skills necessary to do it successfully. I see my paintings as High Definition windows on the world.

“I love painting birds of prey; they hunt, they eat. Everything about them is black and white. The precision and complexity necessary for an Osprey eagle to take a fish out of the water is something that takes your breath away. The beauty of that power and dexterity is what 'Catch of the Day' captures.”

Captures in High Definition we might add! Beyond the sheer beauty of the art John creates, the sudden realization that you or your friends are looking at a painting and not a photograph is part of the fun of owning his art. See for yourself! The Greenwich Workshop is excited to introduce the contemporary wildlife art of this extraordinary English artist.
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Cloud Watching Over The Kaibab Plateau

“Men come and go, cities rise and fall, whole civilizations appear and disappear―the earth remains, slightly modified. The earth remains, and the heartbreaking beauty where there are no hearts to break . . . .”
―Edward Abbey, "Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness"

Solitary but never alone, even when the closest soul is miles away, is the life of the American cowboy. High plains drifters, ranchers and even presidents have been mesmerized by this magical place, held sacred for centuries by local tribes. The heat of the day’s sun and the hint of an arid breeze are palpable in this hyper-realistic work from John Bye.

The Kaibab Plateau, bordered on the south by the Grand Canyon, juts to a height of 9,200 feet at its highest point. It is a landscape that ranges from bone dry limestone to Ponderosa Pine forests, a wild, untamed country that drew such legendary characters as Buffalo Bill and Teddy Roosevelt.

"Cloud Watching on the Kaibab Plateau" is a work of art for those with a wandering spirit to whom the southwest is a scared place. This Fine Art Edition, sweeping in scope yet intimate in nature, exhibits why John Bye is fast becoming a collector favorite.
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Drivin ´Em Home

There is a West of myth and legend and the working West that exists today. They are distant cousins who share a common ancestry but rarely meet. Yet, there are times and there are places where 150-years ago is only yesterday and the ageless nature of the land, the saddle and the round-up’s hoof driven dust reveals that the Old West and New still live side by side.

John Bye’s Drivin’ em Home captures―in his sweeping, high definition painting style―both the elegant form of the wild mustang and the powerful presence of a seasoned cowboy. “What impresses me is the potential collective strength of so many horses compared to that of relatively few cowboys,” commented John Bye. “It is these veteran hands’ ability to read these animals and their natural skills on horseback that keeps these herds together on their long relentless journeys. The feeling of summitting to that last rise and having home appear in the valley down below I’m sure is one that has been savored for generations.”
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Let Me Out

You have seen this before. Your dog sees something that he must get to, a deer, a bird, a chipmunk, a squirrel, but alas, he it tethered to his dog house. Who will let him out to catch his prey?
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Setting Sun

If the title of the painting and the honey-colored glow didn’t tip you off, then cowboy’s relaxed sit on the horse might say it all. Day is done after a hard day’s work.

“I started off in my art career with figurative work,” says the artist. “I love painting people and wildlife, and Western scenes are a mixture of both. As a child, I watched old Western TV programs and cowboy and Indian films with my grandfather. His favorite trick was to find things like light bulbs in an old cowboy show…things that shouldn’t be there. My Western scenes are in contemporary settings but really the lifestyle and purpose of the work is the same as it was 150 years ago. The work is physical, and the serenity at the end of the day is well earned.”
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