JoAnn Peralta

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Candlelight Reflection

What does a girl feel when she looks into a mirror and a finds it is a young woman who returns her gaze? What is so captivating about Candlelight Reflection is the sense of discovery between the figure and her reflection ― almost as if it is a communication between two different people. One senses approval and uncertainty at the same time.
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Evening Glow

In the evening glow of warm candlelight, a young girl plays with the tassels of her mother's shawl as the woman adorns her child’s hair in this exquisite work unveiled at the 2013 Masters of the American West Exhibition and Sale. Any woman who has experienced this maternal joy associated with dressing up a daughter or granddaughter knows there's a special bond that occurs during this time-honored ritual.

JoAnn Peralta's inspiration for her artwork springs from her admiration and deep bond she had with her grandmother, Anita Peralta. She paints under her surname to pay homage to her. Both sides of Peralta's parents' lineage come directly from Spain as well as from Italy. The families eventually migrated to Mexico and then to the U.S. Anita arrived in California along with her husband, Ramon, in the early 20's. They established a meager living from itinerant farm work, picking seasonal crops and traveling via bus to those sites.

"My mother has memories as a little girl of being in the fields while her mom picked walnuts” explains Peralta. “It is my belief that my grandmother's work ethic deeply influenced my mother and in turn each of her children because we've all strived to become the best at what we do. I look to pay tribute to the culture that helped shape my grandmother. I'm capturing moments of cultural experiences as well as the beauty of what helped shape my family.”
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Spanish Shawl

JoAnn Peralta’s artwork derives a great deal of its inspiration from a deeply rooted love and respect for her grandmother, Anita Peralta. “I pay tribute to the culture that helped shape my grandmother. Both sides of her parents were Spaniards, one having full Italian heritage. They migrated to Mexico and became a melting pot of cultures prior to relocating to California. I'm capturing moments of cultural experiences as well as the beauty of what helped shape my families, namely my grandmother and ultimately me. After all, I am my grandmother’s granddaughter!” Peralta states with a smile.

“I was inspired to capture this serene moment as this radiant, innocent beauty basks in the glow of a candlelit room preparing for an evening out. As she drapes her shawl over her shoulders she is interrupted by you, the viewer. The element of surprise coupled with youth drew me to this timeless scene.”

Spanish Shawl is JoAnn Peralta’s debut Fine Art Edition release with The Greenwich Workshop. She unveiled the original at the 2012 Masters of the American West Exhibition and Sale at the Autry National Center to popular acclaim. This magnificent 31" x 22" Giclée Canvas is limited to an edition of only 45 pieces and certain to be a must-have from this emerging artist. Adorn your walls with the warmth and beauty of this stolen moment captured in fine art.
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Vineyard Girl

A chance encounter, a fleeting stillness in the air and beauty that takes your breath away. JoAnn Peralta plumbs her Mediterranean and Latin American ancestry for the inspiration behind her moving paintings of radiant beauty and natural innocence. Enjoy all the warmth, color and dash the artist put into the original work of art with this Fine Art Giclèe Canvas
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