Jean Monti

Jean Monti loves to paint, she loves children, and since she has dedicated her career to fine art, children are the subject she loves to paint most. She creates splendid scenes with realism and with sensitivity, beginning with the design.
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A New Day

The painting titled A New Day is a painting that represents the beginning of a series of new paintings that portray the beauty, sensitivity, and emotions of women. As a figurative artist I spent most of my early training painting and drawing the female figure, and have wanted to add these works of art to my portfolio of figurative works. As a woman, I hope to capture and express the powerful and often times complex emotions of women. I want to paint the sensuality, vulnerability, and passiveness of women. These different qualities along with others is what has been the connection and revelation of the beauty and mystique of all women.
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Always There

“Of the many paintings I’ve created, Always There holds the deepest meaning for me,” says Jean. “Our son had been diagnosed with a serious disease and my husband and I went through a period of great uncertainty. One day we went to the beach and I watched as my husband wrapped our son in his arms and walked out on the rocks by the shore. I saw so much love between them; so much hope in the ties that bind father and son.” We’re pleased to report that Jean’s little boy is fine today. Jean also tells us that this special moment in time changed not only her painting, but also her life. “The scene inspired me to put more emotion into each new painting I do and it also matured me as an artist. In that one moment I was reminded that the most important thing in life is love. I hope this painting can be an inspiration for others to hug and love their children everyday.” Published from the artist’s original oil painting.
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In Behold, her latest Greenwich Workshop release, Jean Monti magically captures a precious moment between mother and child. For the mother, the mother-to-be or the grandmother who remembers, the pure joy of gazing at a new baby is an unmatched gift. Quiet moments with children are the special province of the art of Jean Monti. Time apart from the rush of our normal day. Time to really see our loved ones and in seeing, feel the innocence of the love of those who depend so completely upon us.
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Daddy's Little Girl

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My Little Sunshine

A warm, gentle bath of sunlight dances over the threshold and captures this little girl´s curiosity at the very moment she discovers the beautiful detail found in a simple bouquet of spring flowers.
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Something To Treasure

There are moments with our children in which we learn as much about our parents as we learn about ourselves. In Something to Treasure a mother holds her daughter, lovingly and gently touching the young girl’s little feet as they relax on a porch swing. The memory of her own mother holding her feet as a little girl is as clear and warm as the sunlight that embraces her now. Even warmer, is the realization that her mother shared the same depth love for her that she now feels for her own little girl. As is so often the case, profound understanding is revealed in simple moments.
From €126.40