James Christensen

What’s truly important to me is that my art is introspective and in turn challenges the mind’s eye of those who view it regardless of the subject matter. -JC

James C. Christensen was born in 1942 and raised in Culver City, California. He studied painting at Brigham Young University as well as the University of California at Los Angeles before finishing his formal education at BYU. Since then he has had one-man shows in the West and the Northeast and his work is prized in collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Opulent, colorful, Shakespearean, extraordinary: All words that aptly portray Christensen’s most popular artworks that have also been described as “creations from the land a little left of reality.”

He has created a Shakespearean Island, an entire undersea world and a village of Mother Goose characters. But when he isn’t giving life to other’s worlds, he paints a place of his own.The result is a unique, kinetic kingdom where recognizable human emotions are often manifest in fish or fowl, utilizing the viewer’s own imagination as no other artist can.

His art includes distinctive people, places and things that exist somewhere between adult dreams and childhood memories.

“I don’t think of myself as a fantasy artist,” said Christensen. “I certainly have an affinity for myths, fables and ancient lore, but I also find time to create landscapes and other subjects which include commissions. Recent projects, for example, include a mural commission for a conference center in Nauvoo, Illinois, a poster for the 2001 Utah Shakespearean Festival and a sculpture for Nu-Skin.

“What’s truly important to me is that my art is introspective and in turn challenges the mind’s eye of those who view it regardless of subject matter.”

The artist has been commissioned by both Time/Life Books and Omni to create illustrations for their publications and his work has appeared in the prestigious American Illustration Annual and Japan’s Outstanding American Illustrators. Christensen has also won all the profession art honors the World Science Fiction Convention can bestow, as well as multiple Chesley Awards from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

Christensen’s fine art appears as works of art in porcelain and bronze from The Greenwich Workshop Collection; artist-inspired products such as note cards, silk ties and books are also available. His first book, A Journey of the Imagination: The Art of James Christensen, was published to great acclaim in 1994. His second, the adventure fantasy Voyage of the Basset, has more than 75,000 copies in print. His subsequent books include the inventive Rhymes & Reasons, published in May 1997, Parables (written by Robert Millet, 1999), The Personal Illumination Series and The Personal Illumination Journal (2000), a series of interactive journals, A Shakespeare Sketchbook (2001) and James Christensen, Foremost Fantasy Artist (2001).

Christensen was recently designated as a “Utah Art Treasure,” one of Utah’s Top 100 Artists by the Springville Museum of Art and received the Governor’s Award for Art awarded by the Utah Arts Council recognizing the significance of Christensen’s artwork to Utah’s cultural communities. He was inducted into the U.S. Art magazine’s Hall of Fame. Jim and his wife, Carole, co-chair the Mormon Arts Foundation. GreenwichWorkshopThe ©James C. Christensen ©The Greenwich Workshop, Inc.

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2012 Flights Of Fantasy Calendar

The Art of James C. Christensen is more than just beautiful imagery, it is mesmerizing; a body of work filled with allegory and allusion to the world's myths and fables. Christensen's classically inspired art is influenced by such masters as Durer, John William Waterhouse and Van Eyck. Labeled a fantasy painter early in his career, Christensen began to defy categorization with his astonishing range of subject matter and style.

Christensen has won all of the professional honors the World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention can bestow, as well as multiple Chelsey Awards from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. He has had many one-man shows around the country and his work is prized in collections throughout the U. S. and Europe.

In addition to his fine art limited editions on paper and canvas, Christen's work can be found in five acclaimed books and a series of interactive journals and in three dimensions in porcelain and hand-crafted, limited-edition bronze sculptures. With "Flights of Fantasy", we invite you to spend the year in the marvelously rendered, colorful world of preeminent fantasy artist, James C. Christensen.
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2018 Imagine Calendar

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A Christensen Character Cleverly Camouflaged In A

Have you truly discovered all there is to see in one of Bev Doolittle’s camouflage pieces? It’s time to take a closer look again! Recently, Jim reminded us that “believing is seeing” and let on to Bev that there may be something more than initially meets the eye in her popular Woodland Encounter. How did Bev react to Jim’s tribute? With surprise and delight. “Jim’s teased me for years and I should have suspected that someday one of his puffy little guys would take up residence in one of my camouflage paintings!”
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A Lawyer More Than Adequately Attired In Fine Pri

Christensen´s new print inspires closer examination....this stout attorney is adorned with lots of legal mischief. Just some of the touches: his assistant gives him enough rope to hang himself (or his clients!), he has an ample supply of loopholes sewn onto his coat, he is covered in that infamous fine print we all ignore—and much more. This print comes with its own "notice of Discovery and Inspection" document that reveals all.
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A Man And His Dog

A man and his “dog” enjoy a time-honored relationship in which both parties accept each other’s flaws and peculiarities. The gentleman portrayed here might assert that his waistcoat is properly buttoned, each sock is in place, and the items in his pocket are delicious doggie treats for his canine companion, yet his “pet” would never quibble. Indeed, this “dog” could easily break the tie that binds him to his master—the leash is far from strong—but he chooses to remain by his side. Our “Professor of Imagination,” James C. Christensen, advises us to assess our relationships without getting bogged down in details. “I think we can be happy with our perceptions of ourselves if we can honestly say, ‘Nothing I’m doing is importantly wrong’ ”. . . and if we can say the same of our friends.
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