Greg Beecham

The son of the artist Tom Beecham, Greg grew up hunting, fishing, observing nature and learning to draw—always aware of a yearning to follow in his father’s footsteps. He remembers standing for hours with his dad, studying the movements of whitetail deer in the woods behind their home

His dream of studying full-time with his father had to be postponed until Greg completed a tour in the U.S. Navy. He enlisted as a hospital corpsman and served on the Guided Missile Destroyer the USS John S. McCain, which sailed home from Vietnam just six days after Beecham reported for duty. Finally, in 1978, after a few years at Southern Oregon State College, father and son dedicated themselves to developing Greg’s fine art career. At an art show in 1985, Beecham was further inspired by Bob Kuhn, who gave me “permission,” as Greg puts it, to play with paint. Since then, Beecham has won many awards for his fluid unions of animal and environment, including Best of Show, People’s Choice and Artist’s Choice awards at the C.M. Russell Auction; Best of Show, People’s Choice and Featured Artist honors at the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, and the Wildlife Art News Award at the Society of Animal Artist’s Art Exhibition. He was just asked to be special guest artist at the ‘99 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. In addition, Beecham’s artwork has been exhibited in the Museum of Natural History in Beijing, China and is in the permanent collection of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum and the Clymer Museum in Ellensburg, Washington.

A devout Christian, Greg Beecham honors the beauty of creation while raising his children to become productive, caring people and remaining a loving husband to his wife of more than twenty years. “I try to create interesting compositions, complimented by dynamic color harmonies, light and value,” he says. “My motto? Do all things unto the Lord and get so good you can’t be ignored.”
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Bustin' Through

"I´m growing increasingly involved with color purity and dynamic brushstrokes. What that means to the viewer, however, is an image of two wolves, joyous in their strength and freedom, running through the sun and snow." Wild, wildlife! Wildlife in motion. Animals that are on the move, on the prowl, at play or on the attack. That is the unique talent of Greg Beecham. Wildlife Art (Nov. ´97) adds: "The stylistic, almost idealized golden light of Beecham´s paintings is a reflection of the artist himself, his outlook on life, his spiritual faith and his personality. You can feel the warmth."
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El Mano Del Creador

In his new painting, the title of which translates as "the hand of the maker," Greg has created a stunningly designed work of art in addition to a highly skilled portrait of an ocelot. This is for folks looking for a strong design statement as well as traditional collectors who know their wildlife.
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Feeding Through

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: keep an eye on Greg Beecham. His contemporary vision of classic wildlife grows deeper in each painting he shares with us. At one moment Feeding Through adheres to the vision of light common to the Hudson Valley painters such as Bierstadt and Church. In the next, his palette and hues are those of the New West. To all of this, mix in a cowboy’s love and knowledge of the land and you will begin to see why we are so enamored with Greg.
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This is the slightly whimsical side of one of this country´s most talented painters of wildlife. Beecham has taken the children´s tale about a peaceful bull who´d rather sniff flowers than fight, and applied it to the North American buffalo. This monstrous creature delicately munches prairie flowers and turns to look at us as if to say: "Care to join me? The prairie clover is delicious!"
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Beauty takes flight in this graceful new work of art by wildlife artist Greg Beecham I like to paint beauty," says Greg Beecham, "and in this image I wanted to capture the grace of trumpeter swans and how they relate to their environment. It’s early morning and there’s still a mist on the lake. Something unseen has unsettled the birds and they´re lifting off into the sunlight." The simplicity of Greg’s composition, combined with the muted lighting and the exquisite color harmonies, represent the expanding boundaries of Greg’s artwork. Published from the artist’s original oil painting.
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Mystic Warrior

Deep within the forest, cloaked in a mantle of mist, a 6-point bull elk bugles his call.... Mystic Warrior reveals Greg Beecham’s painterly technique, as well as his continual search for mood, atmosphere and elusive light. We believe he is on the forefront of a movement in wildlife painting, leading the art away from the exactitude of realism into new realms of expression. Greg was a special guest artist at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina, where Mystic Warrior generated excitement. He tells us no fewer than three publishers approached him about releasing the work as a print, a fact that makes us feel very fortunate.