Eternal Reflections

“For after much tribulation come the blessings” Doctrine & Covenants 58:4

As we travel through this life we all experience the storms of adversity that cloud our vision and dampen our spirits. Our temple stands as a symbol of peace and refuge. It symbolizes our desire for eternal life. We know that as we strive to keep our eye on eternal goals and live with an eternal perspective that we will be led by the light of Christ through our darkest hours. The temple gives us the opportunity to focus on the eternal perspective, to receive personal guidance and to feel the Spirit.

This painting encourages us to focus on the eternities, walking forward with faith and taking the time to reflect on the blessings that are ours. We are protected by the good news of the gospel, knowing that shining through all the storms of this life is the everlasting light of Christ.

The light streaming through the clouds represents the Light of this world, our Savior. No matter how dark the storm, how heavy the trial, the light of Christ is an “everlasting light” even a “light that cannot be hid in darkness”.

The umbrellas represent the shield of the gospel. If we live the principles taught to us we will be protected from some of the storms of this life. It is red to symbolize the joy that will be ours when the Savior comes to this earth again and also to symbolize the love that needs to be in our hearts and homes to help one another make it through the storm.
Artist: Sandra Rast
Picture of Eternal Reflections Limited Edition Lithograph on Paper 18 X 22
Eternal Reflections Limited Edition Lithograph on Paper 18 X 22