Emily Dubowski

Emily Dubowski was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She began to fulfill her artistic promise early; at the age of ten she completed an oil painting of her mother, then entered and won a national painting contest.

Emily attended the Washington University School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, Missouri, and the Chautauqua Scholar’s Program in upstate New York. Soon she married Don Dubowski, another artist. She continued painting while raising a family of three boys and even mixed colors for her husband, who was working for Hallmark at the time.

Since that time, Emily’s work has come to greater attention. Her paintings have been represented in many shows and exhibitions—including some in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Sante Fe—where they have won several “Best in Show ” and “Juror’s Choice” awards. Dubowski’s work has also been exhibited in numerous corporate and state collections, including those of Hallmark Cards, the R.H. Macy Company and the state of Kansas, as well as in several museums and private collections.

“When the viewer is transported into the world I have created,” Dubowski says, “and in that moment responds with his or her emotions, I have made the connection I am seeking. My initial attention may be a purely visual sensation, but always, for me, there is an emotional pull that lies beneath the surface.” Emily’s hobbies include gardening and traveling for inspiration and she does all her own photography. She listens to classical music when painting and cites Mahler’s Fifth Symphony as one of her favorite pieces

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Aspen Flowers

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Fresh From The Garden

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Open For Business

In Open for Business we watch as doors open, store windows are rearranged, stoops are swept and the savory smell of baked goods draws us into the picture and back into our own sweetly remembered childhood.
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"This painting captures a ´magical moment in time.´ Brightly illuminated irises, reeds, and lily pads glow dramatically against the dark, mirror-like water. The scene is a celebration of those quiet moments in nature which delight the eye and soothe the soul."
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The Errand

“I have always loved the look of neighborhood "mom and pop" stores. They still exist, but mostly in our hearts and memories. It´s a true pleasure to portray one such place, which tells the story of old-fashioned community, as well as the pride of a simpler, more innocent time.”
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The Readers

"Mainstreet America is endlessly interesting if you take a moment to really observe it. What I find fascinating is not only the image of people living their lives, but the reflections of the world counterpointing them. It creates an artistic challenge which never fails to inspire me." A quiet cup of coffee in an all-too-busy world. This is the same Emily Dubowski who came to the Greenwich Workshop with dramatic images of freshly cut flowers. Over the years, however, we also fell in love with her observations and memories of the places we frequented as both children and adults. They are life´s little moments with those who have taken the time to smell the coffee.
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