Dustin Van Wechel

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Bearably Cold Water

These two bears seem to be enjoying a dip in the flowing, turquoise waters. As the bears make their way across the stream, the lead bear appears to pause. Maybe the air brings a familiar scent, or a possible intruder has been heard. But, for now, these magnificent creatures will enjoy the refreshing, cool water.
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Twisted Timber

In February of 2002, Dustin Van Wechel left a successful 8-year career in the advertising industry to pursue his true passion, fine art, full-time. Since then, Dustin has won numerous distinctions including the prestigious 2004 Wyoming Conservation Stamp Art Competition, the Wildlife Award and Teton Lodge Company Award at the 2006 Arts for the Parks competition and he's received awards in several leading art publications. His work has been exhibited all throughout the U.S., including one-man shows and major art exhibitions, as well as in the National Museum of Wildlife Art's Western Visions show.
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