Denis Milhomme

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Autumn Glory

New Englanders like to believe that they have cornered the market on the brilliance of fall foliage displays. But Denis Milhomme shows us that the Cottonwood and Sycamore trees of Oak Creek below Sedona’s Castle Rock may just cause the jury to continue deliberations on that issue with his SmallWorks "Autumn Glory."
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Majestic Serenity

The serene Merced flows across the Yosemite Valley floor, a distant relative to the massive and powerful glaciers that once carved from the Sierras this magnificent wonder. Half Dome towers another 5,000 feet above, the park’s enduring symbol of the grand scale at which the wilderness is shaped by the hand of nature.

“The beauty of Yosemite Valley overwhelms me,” say Denis Milhomme of Majestic Serenity. “The majesty of Half Dome bathed in mid-morning light and reflected in the calm Merced River is wonderful. The deep shadows cast by the tremendous cliffs nearby add to the drama of this moment.”
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Shadows Of The West

Thanks to John Ford and John Wayne, the Navajo Nation Reservation’s Monument Valley epitomizes what a good portion of the world thinks of when they imagine the American West. Contemporary landscape artist Denis Milhomme’s late afternoon vision, "Shadows of the West," brings into focus all that nature and Native culture have to offer in this magnificent and amazingly dramatic place.
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Winter Memories

Half Dome is the crowned king of Yosemite National Park, a sheer fin of granite soaring high above Yosemite Valley and the Merced River. While born of fire and unveiled by the incessant grinding of ice, today Half Dome radiates the majesty of the Sierra Nevada wilderness as the Merced flows serenely below. And Yosemite is as picturesque in the winter as it is any other time of year.

Denis Milhomme’s "Winter Memories" is an elegant, vertical Fine Art Giclèe Canvas that eliminates any question as to why millions make the pilgrimage to this magical place every year. All of the detail, color and intensity of the original shines through on this canvas. Just as a day in the mountains refreshes the soul, "Winter Memories" will refresh any room in which it hangs with the spirit of this wondrous Valley.
From $395.00