David Mann

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Cheyenne Camp

For two thousand years tradition has held that three wise men visited Christ at his birth. Yet we read in Matthew 2:11 that Christ was a "young child" rather than an infant.

Because of what Herod learned from the wise men about the time of Christ’s birth, he killed all children two years and younger, which suggests that Christ was one or two years old.

The scriptures also record that the wise men came "into the house", not a manger or cave. There is not mention of how many wise men there were.

How wonderful to consider that moment when three or four or twenty holy men knelt at the feet of the holiest man of all, though yet in the body of a toddler, and worshipped Him. (Matthew 2: 8-12)
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Hummingbirds Return

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Lakota Moon

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Night Signs

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Peace On Blue Lake

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Red Feathers

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