Chris Young

Chris Young was introduced to The Greenwich Workshop by veteran Greenwich artist James C. Christensen who elegantly describes the striking uniqueness of Young’s art this way: “Chris’ art allows us to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way.” His ‘ultra-realistic’ paintings are actually abstractions created with an exquisite combination of light, detail and color which compel the viewer to look at the artist’s paintings again and again to consider the beauty of simple objects.

Young’s art reveals two primary artistic influences: Zen art and design and early Spanish and Dutch still-life painters. His highly detailed, well-crafted paintings create a calm, meditative feeling based on order and simplicity. A trip to Young’s studio reveals a treasure trove of natural objects including bird’s nests, exotic shells, dried flowers and other objects which the artist arranges for drawings, watercolors and oil paintings. Young reflects about his work: “I am captivated by nature’s grand design. As we take time to carefully look at seemingly ordinary natural objects, an incredible beauty and harmony is revealed.”

Born in 1963, Young developed a love for drawing at an early age with the motivation of his father. At age 19, he interrupted his engineering studies at Brigham Young University to serve as a missionary in Tokyo, Japan. While living there he was highly influenced by Zen art and design. Soon after returning to Utah, he decided to change his major to fine art. Another trip abroad—this time to the great art museums of Europe—had a powerful influence where he became enamored with the early Spanish and Dutch still-life painters.

Today, Chris works in his Orem, Utah studio where he enjoys the support of his wife and four active children. His paintings are sold through leading galleries in the West.
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Behold The Man

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Faith, Hope, And Charity II

Each flower represents one of these three virtues. There are reflections in each vase: the rabbit representing humility and faith; the Monarch butterfly representing hope, ressurrection, and life after death; the pelican representing charitable love (a myth states that the pelican will pierce its own breast to feed its young).

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Tuscan Cloud

Fortunate is the man who has come to know the gods of the countryside. — Virgil Several years ago Chris Young joined a group of young artists on a freewheeling tour of rural Italy. The journey’s disparate, fleeting images of beauty coupled with lingering passions eventually gave rise to the magnificent image Tuscan Cloud. Young plans to return to the region this fall and rent a restored farmhouse with friends, becoming at last a part of the landscape that has long inspired him.
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Tuscan Primrose

Chris Young comes to us on the recommendation of veteran Greenwich Workshop artist James Christensen. "His art," Christensen says, "allows me to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way." Young was strongly influenced by Zen art and design during a two-year stay in Japan and he later studied the Old World masters on a museum tour of Europe. His vision, however, is uniquely his own and the public has warmly responded to his works in major Southwest galleries. "I am captivated by nature’s grand design," Young says. "As we take time to carefully look at seemingly ordinary natural objects, an incredible beauty and harmony is revealed." Take time now to admire Tuscan Primrose.