Braldt Bralds

Braldt Bralds was born in the Netherlands, where he attended the Grafische School in Rotterdam. For a time, an art career was the last thing on his mind. In fact, his only art education consisted of a mechanical drawing class and on-the-job experience as a typesetter in a printing shop. Even so, he eventually fell in love with art and worked very hard to develop his own style.

Soon Bralds was a popular and successful advertising artist in his home country. He spent two months in the summer of 1978 in New York, where his first job was painting a cover for Time magazine. That work gave him a “feeling of good fortune,” so he came to the United States to live. Once he was established in his new home, his fanciful yet realistic style attracted many fans and collectors.

Since that time, Bralds’ career has been one success after another. His work has appeared in such prestigious publications as Time, Newsweek, Omni, TV Guide, Rolling Stone and National Geographic, among many others. He has illustrated book covers for such publishers as Avon, Simon & Schuster and Warner Books. He has lectured and held workshops in cities all over the world, including Brussels, Tokyo and Seoul. Among his awards are three gold medals, three silver medals, and the Hamilton King Award from the Society of Illustrators.

In addition to his art career, Bralds is proud of his contribution to education. He has taught at New York’s School of Visual Arts and was an independent student counselor for their Masters Program. He now serves on the International Advisory Board of the Art Institutes International, which established a Braldt Bralds Illustration Scholarship in 1993.
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A Chorus Line

Together now! Left foot first. Look in the same direction…” is what this chorus line’s choreographer must be thinking as he watches this performance. Look closely—furry faces are all facing forward and tails are gracefully curved upwards but…those 28 legs are anything but “in sync.” Braldt Bralds, our very own “Dutch Master,” pokes fun in a tongue in cheek way about the independent nature of cats. “They seem to go through life with an attitude of ‘nobody can teach me anything unless I want them to.’ And in this painting that seems to be their motto along with, ‘Okay, we’ll do it! But we’ll do it our way!’” Bold and graphic, yet painstakingly finite in detail, this work—like all of Bralds’ others—defies classification. From left to right: Somali, Bombay, White British Shorthair, Korat, Burmilla, Norwegian Forest Cat, Red Tabby American Shorthair.
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A Mixed Bag

"Ever since I finished Bag Ladies, my first Greenwich Workshop limited edition fine art print, which pictured ten cats in as many bags, I have toyed with the idea of a new portrait of ´breeds´ in a bag. So I have included seven cats and what I call a Dachs(hund) mouse...or is that two mice?" Calling all cat lovers! Put a Longhaired Calico, a non-pedigree Tortoise Shell, a White Russian Angora, a Russian Blue, a non-pedigree Shorthair Tabby, a Champagne British Shorthair and a non-pedigree black and white in a bag and take them home!
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American Shorthair

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Bag Ladies

Braldt Bralds skillful combination of Flemish still lineage with his incredible detail make for an eye-popping image. “This was my first Greenwich Workshop print, and showcased one of my favorite subjects: the cat,” Braldt says. “I had three cats myself at the time. But three didn’t really prepare me for ten different breeds, each accompanied by the brave new world of a shopping bag to explore. It was fun and fascinating to give each its own personality and to spread the focus so your eye searches for them while discovering each new delight.”
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