Mo Devlin

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Fire In Ice

A good friend of mine, who also happens to be an avid photographer, owns a local restaurant. He was viewing some of the frozen flower photos I had created and said that he thought a couple of them would look good in the restaurant, Fire and Ice. I love a challenge, and since I generally have a preconceived notion as to the final product, I told him I would try and shoot something more appropriate to match the décor of his establishment. The end result was a couple images for which I used Gerber Daisies for both images. This one just happened to be closer to flame red. The exaggerated ice trails are the result of a longer freezing process in a deeper dish. The overall effect, very dramatic. This particular image has won several Best in Show’s in various photo contests . . . one of my favorites.
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Devilish Red

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Cracked Amber

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Coming Home To Roost

In addition to the frozen flowers, I shoot lots of photos of tropical fish. In particular a fish species called Cichlid. If you’ve eaten Tilapia, you’ve eaten cichlid. There are many different species, but for the most part they can be broken down into two categories; egg layers and mouth brooders. Egg layers do just that, lay their eggs on an object in the water and hatch their fry. Mouth brooders, however, lay the eggs and immediately scoop them up into their mouth to hatch. When the fry are born they swim freely around the tank, but when it’s time for rest they swim back into the mouth of their parent where they are easily protected. The image here was really a surprise. It looks so much like fry heading back into the open mouth of their parent. For me it’s as close as I’ve come to having my two photo interests cross paths.
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Alstromeria On Petal Confetti

Alstromeria comes in many different shades and colors. Generally you see it used in bouquets to accent some of the more popular flowers like roses or daisy’s. I’m always trying to look at the same bloom in a different light…to photograph the same bloom in a different way. For this image I used a single Alstromeria bloom. For a change, I made it the center of attention and used dried flower petals to accent it with a colorful carpet. The technique worked so well that I now save all of the colored Alstromeria petals, dry them and use them to accent other projects.
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