Jeff Goodsell

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Winnifred Witch

Winnifred Witch started as an illustration I did for a Children’s Magazine. She was a hand inked,, computer colored icon. I decided she would be fun to do a painting of, so here she is with her cat.
From $145.00

Magic Dusk

This was a fun fantasy piece I did based on a design I did for a company I worked for, and my own imagination. (I often did what I had to in order to please the company, then went back and re-did the designs based on the way I wanted to do them.)

I played off of the idea of a magical creature sitting in a magical place, and instead of toadtools, I placed castle turrets growing out of the grass. I find painting to moonlight creates a magical feel, I can play with colors to set the mood of the painting in interesting ways. This is a really fun piece, that popped out of my head and onto my canvas.
From $125.00


This is actually a self portrait I did, Chained is of my wife, just a couple of whimsical Halloween paintings I chose to do once when I had some time to paint whatever I chose.
From $365.00


I wanted to capture the joy of the Christ child being born moments after it happened. I realize that very few (if any) mothers are standing shortly after labor, but I chose this position because I wanted a vertical composition.

In order to capture the moment as it really would look, when mother embraces her newborn child for the first time, I used a photo I took of my wife holding our child for the first time. I had my wife pose in a standing position wearing clothing appropriate for Mary, and composited the two pictures to create this painting.
From $235.00


Well, you never know, it could happen!
From $145.00

Something Up The Chimney

This is a silly painting that will be appreciated by those willing to mingle Christmas and Halloween together in their imaginations. I based it off a Christmas song that came out several years ago called “Something Up The Chimney”.
From $155.00