Derek Hegsted

Derek is a classical realist who uses the verdaccio underpainting method. This is the style of Renaissance masters such as Rembrandt, Bouguereau, and DiVinci. Due to this process, a single painting can take as long as a year.

Many of Derek's paintings have been published in religious publications, and on book and music covers. They have won many awards. Derek was the first to win the coveted international L. Ron Hubbard Gold Award Grand Prize, where artists from 45 different countries enter in hopes of winning. His art is known world-wide, and has sold over 300,000 prints.

Derek is married to the former Jolynn Muhlestein. They have six young children.

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Angel Of Gethsemane

Do You Know

by Heidi Magleby

How red His raiment must have been, How Crimson was his cloak.

Christ suffered more than any man,

Yet, Love was all He spoke.
From €15.76

Christ's Prayer

Clothed in Eternal Glory, His hands are outstretched to God in loving prayer for us.

'I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.'

St. John 17: 9
From €628.05

Gift from God

Cradling the babe, He sweetly sings,

“Glory to you I softly bring.

Peace to you, I gently say.

The pains of earth, I hold at bay.

God controls the winter’s chill.

Peace be wonder, peace be still.”
From €10.23

I Will Not Fail Thee

As He surrounds you with His loving embrace, the Spirit sweetly reminds you of the time before your birth. He held you gently, whispering loving words of assurance, 'I will not forget thee, nor forsake thee. I will not fail thee . . . ' And then you were born.
From €10.23

Journey's End

The storm you weathered,

faithfully stood.

I was beside you

all the way

whisp'ring, you could!

Well done my faithful servant,

for me, you defended.

You stayed your course

your journey has ended.
From €10.23

Light of the World

Oh, Dear Father in Heaven,

How long will this Child-God be mine? Words cannot express the rich love I have for such a glorious Gift. What have I done to deserve being part of His wondrous life? To share Him is only right. I only hope they know His worth . . . As I do.
From €233.05