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Touching The Hem Of God

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Trail Of Sacrifice - Valley Of Promise

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Translation Of The Bible

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Tree Of Life

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Tree Of Life Stone

This beautiful sculpture is taken from the ancient hieroglyph stone, Stela 5, located in Izapa, Central America. The Stela 5 is thought to be a representation of Lehi's vision of The Tree of Life. This replica is painstaking sculpted from the most current interpretation found in current books that detail the ancient ruins found in Central America from BYU author and Professor, Joseph Allen. This sculpture is a beautiful art piece for the home that depicts LDS themes found in the Book of Mormon.

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Triumphal Entry

The Triumphal Entry is one of the most symbolic and poignant events in the Savior’s life. This was the crowning moment of His short ministry. A moment when those whom He healed, lifted, and led came to herald Him as the King of Kings.

On that first Palm Sunday, they placed Him on a Donkey and lined the path with their robes. They waved palm fronds as was customary when a King came into the city. Yet, while Christ would be their King that Sunday, there were some among them who stood in the courtyard of Pilate’s palace the following Friday and called for His death.

In a world filled with distractions it is easy to forget the Savior. The Triumphal Entry reminds me that He is the King of Kings, not just on Sunday, but always.

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Trust In The Lord

She was considered “unclean” and forced to stay away from others. This means for twelve years she had not had so much as a hug. She knew the risk of going out into public. If discovered she could have been stoned to death.

Yet her faith led her forward. She had heard of the Savior and the miracles He had already performed. She reached for the Savior with faith that He could heal her, and he did.

This is not so different than each of us. We spend our time on this earth apart from our heavenly home, longing for the company of our Father. We venture into the unknown with little more than hope that the Savior that He can heal our pains. Like this quiet sister we reach for Him, and catching hold of Him we too are healed.

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Twelve Others

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Victorian Memories

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"To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue." -Buddha

In the tradition of Saint with White Sleeves, The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose and Sleeper Lost in Dreams comes Virtue, a beautiful and inspirational message of hope. The graceful young woman depicted may walk a dark path, but with determination and focus on her guiding principles she will surely find her way. Incorporating one of James C. Christensen’s most popular recurring themes, Virtue serves as a classic and elegant reminder to stay true to your beliefs, that faith and strength will see you through the dark times.

“The candle is a symbol of light in the spirit,” says Christensen. “The candle is about being an example to others, but it’s also about keeping that light shining for yourself. Be true to yourself and to the things you know are important and don’t let the world taint you.”

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Virtue Words

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How often do we find ourselves too preoccupied within our own little worlds to realize when something truly momentous is happening outside of them? Are we paying enough attention to those around us to really hear what they are saying? Jim Christensen created this series “Winged Words” to poke fun at people (using barbed wire) and get them to realize, “Yeah, I do that, too.” In this extreme example, a very self-important individual, in all his pomp and finery, fails to realize the heavenly nature of his visitor because he’s just not listening. In Latin, the angel says, “I am dead.” The man’s response to his rather uncommon occurrence, “How do you like my clothes?” underscores how little he is paying attention. The pear in the man’s hand, one bite taken—bordering on the over-ripe, is a reminder that we may not have all the time we think we do to amend these failures in communication.

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Walk Of Faith

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Walk With Me

""Walk with me,"" I heard him say, ""Walk with me awhile today."" ""Talk with me,"" I heard him speak, ""Talk with me of the things you think."" Share with me the things you feel, Share with me so you can heal. Cry with me through your heartbreaks, Cry with me when your soul aches. Look with me a new sunrise! Look with me through opened eyes. See with me the world anew, See with me my point of view. Laugh with me in pure delight, Laugh with me it's all alright! Sing with me as we stroll along, Sing with me I love your song. Learn with me your wondrous story, Learn with me your prior glory. Know with me just who you are, Know with me we've traveled far. Create with me and dreams come true, Create with me I create through you! Walk with me on Heaven's shore, Walk with me forever more!

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Walking With God

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Watch And Pray

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Watchers In The Night

Designer of numerous U.S. commemorative stamps, former head illustrator at the prestigious Godbold/Richter Studio and creator of the award-winning Ebony Visions® sculpture collection, Thomas has earned acclaim for his spiritual imagery-the often allegorical and always passionate expressions of his faith. With Watchers in the Night, he says, he hopes to "touch the soul" of everyone who sees it. We can´t imagine anyone unmoved. Stretched size: 26"w x 21"h, published from the artist´s original acrylic painting. 2500 signed by the artist and consecutively numbered.

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Water To Wine

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. –John 1:14

The transformation of water into wine by Christ is the first miracle in the Gospel of John, revealing his glory to his disciples. When wine ran out at a wedding, Christ asked the urns to be filled with water, which then became the very finest wine. The Biblical story also can be read as a metaphor for the blessing of Christ’s arrival and for his teachings.

“My main focus was to make the viewer feel like an eyewitness to the biblical account of Christ's first miracle,” says artist Morgan Weistling, “changing water to wine at the wedding feast of Cana. To convey the sense of awe one would feel, I depicted the astonished face of the servant as he pours the water and watches as it is transformed into wine.”

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We Three Kings...

“We have seen his star in the east…” - Matthew 2:2 The sudden appearance of a new and brilliant star set the kings of the East on one of the Bible’s better-known journeys. Through the centuries, paintings have shown as many as eight kings. Some debate whether the magi were actual kings or a group of scholars, astronomers and priests. The Western tradition of three kings most likely arose from the three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh that they brought to “the newborn King.” James C. Christensen provides us with a gift to treasure the whole year through. In his original painting, the star and the three gifts of the kings are gold leaf. For both the print and canvas editions, we were able to recreate this radiant effect, in fact, the canvas is hand-crafted with 22-karat gold leaf. Each new Christensen offering this year has sold out at the Publisher, and we’re certain this will follow. So be sure to contact your local Greenwich Workshop dealer before this gift disappears.

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What Is Truth?

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